Book: Mind Set! – by John Naisbitt

Michael Krahn : A Mind Awake

Noted futurist John Naisbitt is ready to give up the secrets of his trade. The author of Megatrends and Megatrends 2000 has proved himself one of the most far-sighted and accurate prognosticators of our hi-tech world. In this book he reveals the 11 “mindsets”- or processes of thinking – that enabled him to make such accurate predictions about the direction of our culture and society.

This is not a book review per se. Here are the notes I made while reading and some short reflections.

Mindset # 1 – While many things change, most things remain constant

Mindset # 2 – The future is embedded in the present

The “News Hole” (P 18)

“Newspapers are forced choice in a closed system… [they] are great monitors of social change because, simply stated, the news hole – the space available for news stories in a newspaper – is a closed system. For…

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